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  • This bookcase owes a lot to Louise Nevelson
    A collection of scraps in my shop, which had morphed into a Louise Nevelson inspired sculpture, had a major influence on this bookcase. The random … Read more
  • Fine & Heavy, Arts & Artisans
    My studio is located at Equinox Studios in Seattle,  a vibrant community of Fine & Heavy, Arts & Artisans. Last summer, after a pandemic hiatus, … Read more
  • Web Wizards
    I want to thank Rob Hanna, Blaine Slingerland and Rebecca Nelson for their work on my website. They were able to take my vague ideas … Read more
  • Thank you, Rob, Blaine & Rebecca
    I want to acknowledge and thank Rob Hanna and Blaine Slingerland for a great job on my website. Rob’s sense of design and, especially, his … Read more
  • Equinox Studios Open House
    I work in a 1940’s era factory which in it’s current life is called Equinox Studios. There are 50 odd ” Artists and Artisans, Fine … Read more


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